VYN103 Multi-use
VAYINA 103 Ceramic earphones – Multi-use Ceramic Earphone

What’re your concerns when you choose earphone?

1: Style and shape
2: Price or HiFi and Multi-functions
3: Comfortable or just can be used

VAYINA 103 combined all above points With different wire cap we can hang on our ear or plug into our ear to us.

• Standard 3.5mm plug,1.2m wire length
• Available for Multi-using
• World leader in HiFi and response accuracy
• Headset with Mic function optional
• Polished Ceramic in various color
• 9-mm neodymium moving coil drivers

• VYN 103 Multi-use Ceramic Earphone
• VYN 103 Multi-use Ceramic Earphone with Headset

Patent Number:200830103155.3

Instructions For Use
Packages Recommended
Main Key Technical Specification
Frequency Response 20 Hz - 22 kHz
Speaker Info. 9-mm neodymium moving coil drivers
Accuracy Score  85+%
Noise Isolation 103 dB
Impedance (@1 kHz) 16 Ohms
Cable  1.2m with 3.5 mm plug
Cable color R/B/Y/G available
Warranty 1 year
Mic function Optional for Clients need

What kinds of Consumer electronics would you like to used on?

A: DVD Player, MP3 Player,Mp4 Player etc
B: computer, laptop, LED TV etc
C: iPhone, iPad, iPod etc
D: Samsung, Blackberry, Nokia, HTC and other phone brand.
E: Others

User manual review

Important:  Kindly inform we should read the user manual carefully before try to use it. Any damage and other issues please contract local agent or contract us.

How to choose and use eartips:

One: How to choose an eartip

  ★ Select the best ear-fit one for your small, middle and large eartip
  ★ Make sure to seal it well and comfortable before using.
  ★ Twist it by twisting-motions deeper if we can not seal if well

Two: How to remove an eartip

   ★ Firstly, remove the earphone from ear properly.
  ★ Never pull the Ceramic housing or Cable directly.
  ★ Choose the ideal one you like and re-assemble on the earphone.

Three: Cleaning and Replacing Eartips

• Wash or change eartips every3-6 months to make sure it is clean
• If the HiFi sound is not excellent as usual then please wash or change it.
• If the Noise isolating becomes worse then we should wash or change it.
• Clean the eartips in water and mild.
• Dry them before re-use

It is only compatible with our model VYN103, as below photo to show different way of wearing; it is up to your preference;
Fix it up, the earphones become sports earphone immediately!

To ensure the earbuds not to fall out of your ears during running or dancing, just use clips to fasten it to your collar of clothes;

3.carry pouch
It becomes more and more necessary to possess a comfortable carry pouch for our beloved earphones, protect it very well in our own style;
Various colors are available for your choice;
Different quality available, soft or hard, shiny or matt, whatever;

4.silicone eartips
Try out all the sizes to find the perfect fit for your ears, not only to achieve the most comfort but also the best sound quality;
For black or any other dark colored earphone, the eartips can be solid black or semi-clear black+ inside red (as below 3 sizes), optional as you like;

Package recommended 
 Bigger paper box&blister inside. A carrying PU case can be added. This package is bigger than other pacakges. It matches well with shape of VYN-103 and highlight the unique of it.

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