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Tuesday,Jan.21 2014
Story of ceramic and ceramic earphone
Origin of Ceramic
China, as one of the four ancient civilizations, made outstanding contribution to the progress and development of human society. From primitive society to modern times, as an important part of Chinese civilization, and the invention and development of ceramic has particular meaning.
In English, china means our country China, it also have another meaning of ceramic, which clearing shows that China is the hometown of Ceramic.
Ceramic and Music
              Good music is amazing and give people great enjoyment. You have no idea what a long story it has with ceramic. In ancient books, “ white as Jade, shinning as a mirror, as thin as paper, sounds like chime” is used to describe ceramic( chime, a musical instrument used in ancient times which has wonderful sound).  It hignly appreciated ceramic’s beautiful sound as well as it’s elegence on surface.
Ceramic was used as an musical intrument can be traced back to the primitive society. In primitive society, music and dance is an important part of people's spiritual life. Musical instruments and music is often closely linked.
 In the Neolithic Age, the earliest musical instruments human used are stone whistle, bone flute and ceramic whistle. In the xi 'an BanPo old site 6700 years ago, two ceramic whistles were found by archaeologists. The old ceramic whistles are completely preserved in shape, but not smooth and shinning on surface. It can blow musical sound.
Later in China’s Song dinasty, due to the development of the ceramic reached its peak, people start to show strong interests in playing music with ceramic.
In Ming dynasty, people made ceramic flute, and put different sizes of ceramic plates, saucers, cups and bowls together, and then used stick knocking gently to make different rhythm, and played a lot of wonderful music. This tradition has been spreaded to now.
Ceramic’s development in morden times
In modern times, ceramic techology has has further developed. Its unparalleled and unique advantages, such as rich and elegant appearance, high hardness, corrosion resistance, heat and humid resistance, difficult to wear off, no skin irritation, and environmental friendly, ceramic is fully used in various fields, such as in architecture, auto industry, jewelry industry, ext.
During recent years, world-known brands as Chanel, Amarni, Dior, Rado takes ceramic as an new fashion element and hignly appreciated by people worldwide.
We and ceramic earphone
In 21th Century, the increased heat emission of electronic products such as Walkman, MP3, mobile phones have highly stimulated the development of earphones. Traditional earphones are usually use material of plastic and metal. The traditional plastic and metal earphones are easily geting wearing out, dirty with dust and not environmentally friendly. They are also not stable in humid or high temperature environment, easily become deformed and influence the sound quality.
Vayina initiated the new trend of ceramic earphones which combine with fashion, health, environmental protection and technology in 2008 and has led the way ever since. When Shenzhen vayina Sonic, ltd was founded, we began by focusing on Ergonomic Design and make ceramic earphones more confirmtable and fit when longtime wearing.

Vayina is now a leading manufacturer of ceramic earphones. In recent years we acquired a far-ranging expertise in the field of consumer electronics. All our earphones are origially designed by ourselves and own patens. CE, FCC, RoHS, and Reach compliant. We made OEM for many famous brands around the world. We have confidence that our innovative, user-friendly and environmental friendly products will be higly appreciated by all people in near future.

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Monday,Dec.23 2013
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