VYN 101 Vogue HiFi
Vogue Earphones, Fashion life a lifetime
Nowadays tech links everyone in a high-Quality world. We enjoy computer, surround sound, 3D movies, TV, Phones, music players and vehicle entertainment systems etc. all these activities link us to earphones, headsets.  
VAYINA 101 Ceramic earphones -Vogue earphone fashion life everyday are engineered for HiFi sound with fashion shape. It is beyond an earphone, it is parts of our life. Always bring nice sound and music to us everyday. Especially with its fashion shape, we have no excuse to have one with us portable.

Output high HiFi and sensitive safe sound
Ceramic shape that metal and plastic and not reach
Mic headset Optional
High-definition sound experience
Various eartips ensure a good fit in small ears

VYN 101 Vogue Ceramic Earphone
VYN 101 Vogue Ceramic Earphone with Mic button control

Patent Number:201230557560.9

Instructions For Use
Packages Recommended
With a standard 3.5mm Plug, can be used on devices with a standard 3.5mm jack
· Phones: Iphone, Samsung, HTC, Nokia, etc.
· iPod , iPad, tablets ,MP3 player, 
· DVD Player and gaming devices, 
· Palm, computer, Laptop etc.
· Provided for safe sound output 
· Reinforced cable for durability
· Neodymium moving coil driver with high HiFi Technology 
· High-gloss finish 

Main Key Technical Specification
Frequency Response 20 Hz - 22 kHz
Speaker Info. 6-mm neodymium moving coil drivers
Accuracy Score   85+%
Noise Isolation 92 dB
Impedance (@1 kHz) 16 Ohms
Cable   1.2m with 3.5 mm plug
Cable color R/B/Y/G available 
Warranty 1 year
Mic function Optional for Clients need 



1: select an eartip
   1.1: It should be comfortable for our ear
   1.2: It must SEAL well in your ear, can not easily hear others when the volume is off
   1.3: if not seal good, twist in deeper or change another eartip
   1.4: When changing eartips, to make sure that the eartip fits on the earphone well.

2: Proper Insertion
  Important: HiFi Sound quality, noise isolation and response accuracy all depend on a good eartip seal in the ear canal. Please read the user Manual careful and operate according it.

3: Removal
  Slowly remove earphones with twisting motions to break the seal gradually. Do not direct pull on the cable or earphone housing to remove the earphones.

4: Cleaning and Replacing Eartips
 Eartips possible lose their elasticity after long time using. For securing best performance, please replace the eartips every 3-6 months.

To clean the eartips:
Remove the eartip from the earphone.
Clean with mild soap and water.
Dry the eartip before placing it back on the earphone.
silicone eartips
Try out all the sizes to find the perfect fit for your ears, not only to achieve the most comfort but also the best sound quality;
For black or any other dark colored earphone, the eartips can be solid black or semi-clear black+ inside red (as below 3 sizes), optional as you like;

2. clips
To ensure the earbuds not to fall out of your ears during running or dancing, just use clips to fasten it to your collar of clothes;

Package recommended 1
Paper box&blister inside pacakge.  With an colored hook on top.
This pacakge can best show the angled shape of VYN-107 from the front and side.
Simple, small and elegant

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